Knowledge Creation



Customized Corporate Training & Organizational Development

Corporate Training Services begin with a consultation with the appropriate team including human resources and management to determine organizational needs and desired change.  A customized Corporate Training and Organizational Development plan will then be developed to meet the client’s needs and ensure that human capital development plans are aligned with corporate objectives and strategies.  Courses are customized to fit specific organizational needs or completely new courses can be developed to meet unique requirements.

Popular Course Offerings include:  Leadership at all Levels, Strategic Management, Business Communications, Managerial Accounting (for nonfinance managers), Team Building, Vocational English as a Second Language, Business Acumen, Thriving in a Diverse Environment.


Course Development and Curriculum Analysis

Design and development of curriculum and/or launching of new majors ensuring that programs meet university learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Complete course design including curriculum outline and syllabus so that courses can easily be facilitated by instructors.  Includes development of learning activities, evaluation metrics/rubrics, selection of course materials including texts, as well as the development of learning assessments that measure learning and ensure course objectives are met.
  • Expert in the design and development of discussion questions that will facilitate engagement and interaction among students; lectures, writing assignments, case studies and other pertinent assessment activities that will evaluate students’ learning based on meeting learning outcomes.
  • Evaluation and determination of course resources including, text, multimedia, and supplementary reading materials that will enhance student learning.
Consulting Services & Marketing Assistance
Specializing in distance, online, and hybrid higher education consultation. Sensitive to organizations that focus on education serving working professionals and executives. Will conduct full analysis and needs assessment to determine customized strategies for maximizing learning effectiveness and meeting learning outcomes. Assist with the development and launching of new programs (new majors); assist with execution of the development, design and evaluation of student programs. Develop and design marketing plans, strategies, informational materials and advertising campaigns to facilitate maximization of recruitment and enrollment.
  • Leverages relationships with local schools, government agencies, and associations.
  • Conducts focus groups with students, alumni and community representatives.
  • Ensure that marketing and recruiting efforts reach minorities by communicating through appropriate associations, newspapers, media and social networking sites.